2021 – PM-07

This season, the team decided to build support based on a monocoque created with technology straight from F1. The starting point was ergonomics and driver safety. Completely redesigned there was also an aerodynamic package. Original layout the suspension was designed from a blank sheet. A kinematic model has been created, thanks to which You can investigate the behavior of the vehicle during various the track situation. PM07 is the perfect development platform for future seasons.

Online participation in FS Switzerland competition. Static competitions Design Event, Cost Event and Buisness Event.

Participation in the Baltic Open Finland competition. Dynamic Acceleration competitions, Superslalom, Autocross and Endurance.

999 kG
0 S
0 km/h
ERMAX 228 with a power of 109kW limited by regulation to 80kW
Independent double-wishbone carbon push rod suspension with titanium ARB
A pre-preg carbon monocoque optimized for low weight and torsional stiffness
Aerodynamic package using Formula 1 technology based on accurate CFD analysis