It’s time to catch up on the past few months:
Currently, we are focused on the main project of our next electric car, the PM09. We are working intensely, and the design phase is nearing completion. This is an incredibly exciting time for us because the latest design will be equipped with four hub-mounted motors, providing the car with greater power and performance. We have set high goals for ourselves and are determined to make the PM09 another milestone in the history of our team. Ongoing work and prototyping of some components that will be introduced in the new car will make us even more competitive. All of this requires a significant level of quality, precision, knowledge, and dedicated time, but we are confident that the result will be worth it. We are excited about the future and can’t wait for the moment when you will be able to see the outcome of our work.

Where you could meet us:
A lot has been happening with us over the past month. On June 6th, we were at the recording session of the Poznań University of Technology at the Lecture Center. There, we explained what our team is exactly engaged in.

A few days later, you could find us at the Cytadela Park picnic during an event organized by the Marshal’s Office. We presented our latest car, the PM07, on-site.

But that’s not all. At the invitation of our partner, Volkswagen, we attended their 30th-anniversary celebration on June 17th in Września. It was a perfect opportunity to thank them for their support.

But that’s not the end!
We would like to remind you that the summer is the time for preparing for competitions and competing with the best teams in the world. This year, we will participate in the first edition of the Formula Student class competition in Poland – FS Poland! The event will take place from August 27th to August 30th at the Autodrom track in Słomczyn (40 km from Warsaw). It will undoubtedly be a great opportunity to showcase our skills in front of our own audience and test the effects of our improvements in the PM07 car. Even during the exam session, we made sure to thoroughly test our vehicle during tests at Kąkolewo Airport or at the GoKart Poznań track. With more free time, our visits to friendly tracks will become increasingly frequent. We would like to thank everyone for the kind words. They are incredibly motivating for us during the summer when we often spend our time in our workshop, dedicating all our efforts to ensuring that everything ends successfully. From this place, we wish all our readers a wonderful vacation and encourage you to follow us for the latest news straight from our team.