It’s time to catch up on what we’ve missed…
What are we doing now?
Over the past few months, we’ve been working on fine-tuning the construction of our driverless system, based on our PM07 race car. The final components are being installed to see how three years of our team’s work on the driverless system perform in practice.
What’s next?
Our thoughts are already set far ahead, and we are already discussing the next race car – the PM09, scheduled to debut in the 2023/2024 season. Its propulsion will be based on four motors, mounted in the hubs, allowing for much higher vehicle performance. Like its predecessor (PM07), this car will also be based on a monocoque design. We are in the final stages of the design, and the next step will be prototyping some of the solutions. Many challenges lie ahead of us since some of the vehicle systems are completely new! However, such challenges only motivate us even more to take action!

Photo Gallery
Despite tight schedules, we managed to find some time for photoshoots in Poznań. The photos are regularly shared on our social media platforms. You can also find them in the 2023 calendars.
What did our photographers achieve? Feel free to check the attached files to see the content.

In late January and February, the PUT Motorsport team went through extensive preparations for the qualifying quizzes for the Formula Student competitions.
The quizzes are a stage where teams from all over the world compete to earn the chance to participate in the Formula Student races. Team members spend the entire day answering questions related to the competition regulations and solving engineering tasks to verify their knowledge. Participants who correctly and quickly complete the tasks earn the opportunity to participate in the races.
We are incredibly proud of our results! They allowed us to qualify for the rounds taking place in Hungary and Switzerland.

During the upcoming summer holidays, the first Formula Student competition in Poland will take place! The event will be held at the Autodrom racetrack in Słomczyn. It will be another excellent opportunity to showcase our design and skills. We are immensely proud to have the opportunity to participate in these competitions. Click HERE to find out more!
We have embarked on an important endeavor to create a case study for those interested in automotive, vehicle construction, and more. In the first “edition,” we present step-by-step how our PM07 race car’s steering wheel was made and aim to explain the process of creating elements from composites. Feel free to read the first study by the PUT Motorsport team. ClickHERE to read it!

From March 30th to April 2nd, we showcased our projects at the largest automotive trade fair in Central Europe – the Poznań Motor Show. For four days, you had the unique opportunity to admire three of our projects in one place: Rusałka, eWarta, and PM07. Displaying our vehicles allowed us to instill the desire for electromobility in you! Our booth, which was the largest in the team’s history, was open to all interested in automotive and our years of work.
Thanks to such events, we gain valuable knowledge in the automotive industry, both in business and technical aspects. Additionally, these events provide us with the opportunity to attract potential partners who are crucial in creating new designs. We are pleased to have met other Formula Student teams and exchanged valuable insights and experiences. It was great to see you all and spend time together! A big thank you to everyone who was present! We hope to see even more of you next year.